Doula (pronounced Doo-La) is a Greek word which has come to mean ‘Person of Service’. 

End of life doulas are reshaping the way people approach the end of their life by guiding them and those close to them through the process of dying in an open, supportive, and practical way. They provide non-medical, non-judgmental support, resources and guidance to individuals and families during, what can be, very challenging and emotional times.  

An end of life doula assists all involved review what matters most to them through deep listening, legacy projects, and guided visualisations. They nurture, inform, empower and comfort.  Doulas are bringing greater meaning to what happens at the end of life by assisting the dying and their families and those around them navigate  the spiritual, emotional and physical journey toward death. 



End Of Life Bucket List

A bucket list is about living, a tool to assist us reflect on things which are important for us to complete as we live out our lives up to our death.  

Preparing a bucket list toward the end of life encourages reflection of our values and deep insight into what we consider important to accomplish before we die.                                                             

Ticking items off our list offers a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. 

While a life limiting condition may prevent us circumnavigating the globe, a modified adventure within our physical capacity is sure to lift our spirits and remind us that we are living right up until we die