Practical Assistance 

During our life we prepare for major events to ensure things run smoothly. Preparing for death is equally as important to avoid unnecessary burden on loved ones, and ensuring our wishes are known. 


Aged Care Services Navigation 

Assisting clients navigate the My Aged care system and register for home care services to assist clients remain independent in their home wherever possible. 

Assist clients communicate with assessment teams and service providers to promote efficient and timely supports being introduced. 


Legal Documentation 

Advance care planning  

Enduring guardians 

Enduring power of attorneys  

Will preparation assistance

Organ Donation 


Practical Support 

Care coordination- assistance to communicate with your care team, including doctors & palliative care team, family near and far, friends, neighbors, hospice services, and more.

End of life planning: wake, funeral, memorial, burial, cremation, eco-friendly alternatives

Provide information on available choices & law for body care, funeral, burial & cremation practices in Tasmania. Eliminating features not desirable to client, reducing costs while respecting client wishes and values

Source translation services to facilitate communication with non English speaking clients and their families

Refer clients to supports, allied health and/or alternative and natural therapies as requested

In home respite

Bereavement support

Community education

Decluttering service

Assisting clients prepare to move into residential care or transition from home care to hospice

Accompanying clients to medical appointments

Additional individualised services considered on request

Social support


Emotional Support 

Emotional Will and Legacy projects

Companion to the dying and their loved ones

Support clients right to choose an end-of-life that is meaningful to them and consistent with their belief system, traditions and values (cultural, religious/spiritual or personal)

Provide emotional support to client and their loved ones, before, during and after death

Assists loved ones create an intimate and peaceful ‘space’ 

Meditation and breath awareness

Home care, supporting loved ones provide physical care, provide physical care

Bedside vigil

After death body care, laying out and ritual guidance


Pet Support 

As a fur baby parent, I understand the emotional impact of losing a beloved member of the family. I offer emotional support to those preparing to say goodbye, support with managing vet appointments and burials by request. 

Peace of mind your fur babies will be cared for, Pet rehoming will be arranged by request.